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Just possibly, maybe, but not easily. Ocean movement due to tides is mostly back-and-forth with mixing. It can be very complicated around barriers and in estuaries and the entrance to bays and places like that. In the deep ocean near the surface the motion of any given bit of water is more-or-less circular during a cycle of the tides. Don't forget that the ...


Your planet is a linear motor This is something I proposed in some detail in this answer. Your oceans are driven by a magnetohydrodynamic drive to constantly circulates the narrowly bounded ocean around the planet. This is how it works: Two powerful magnetic fields; one from your planet (an iron core like on Earth) and one external (perhaps an Earth-like ...


The ocean will already flow that way due to existing effects caused by the planet's rotation. It's doesn't need a moon and tidal effects to do it. See, for example, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current which does exactly what you want, albeit at a lower latitude.

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