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True living fossils?

By far the simplest way to have that, is to design a creature that lives in extremely salty sea, essentially marinates in brine. Imagine there was an inland sea that had some kind of extremely long ...
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True living fossils?

While the solution of David R is pretty good i got my own thoughts to add. Firstly i think there 2 Problems with what you want archive. Firstly fossilization requires as David R you to be dead. ...
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True living fossils?

Fossilization as an external process is not likely to happen. Such an external process is where water carrying minerals pass through the organism replacing internal structures. This only happens when ...
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What's stopping other rock layers from creating a karst-like landscape?

Unfortunately I'm not a geochemist, but I think you are mostly right: carbonate rocks are very known for their dissolving properties they are widely spread on the surface (only limestone "...
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