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What is the maximum survivable gravity for humans for say 8 months

Human tolerence for high gravity was discussed in Habitable Planets for Man (1964) by Stephen H. Dole, on pages 11-13. ...
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What is the maximum survivable gravity for humans for say 8 months

Your main problem here is that no-one really knows... that's why all of the questions and answers linked in the "related" section on the right aren't all that helpful. The experiments simply ...
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What is the gravity above which launching into space is hindered?

When the specific impulse becomes so low that for any amount of fuel the engine won't be able to produce enough thrust to accelerate it out of the atmosphere and to orbital velocity. If you have a ...
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How do Hill spheres work for binary planets?

Hill spheres define the area surrounding a celestial body in which it can exert gravitational dominance over the orbit of a satellite. In the case of binary planets, where two planets revolve around a ...
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What would life be like in a universe with gravity that increases with distance?

Nonexistent. Uniform distribution of mass is a stable equilibrium for such a system and there are no equilibria which are not uniformly distributed. Therefore stars never form. Consider a toy model: a ...
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Crafting a Water Cycle for a Cube World with State-dependant Gravity

Short answer Assuming that the only forces moving the water is gravity and the water interacting with its self (surface tension, air pressure...), then there are 2 ways it could happen. water becomes ...
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