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Axis tilt, days, and a year

You are mixing up things. Just to mention one, number and duration of the months of the calendar have no effects on the seasons: on our Earth, for example, having 2 months, 1 with 183 and one with 182 ...
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How would be a Lunisolar Calendar with 2 Moons?

Tidra should not have longer months than Luna for orbital mechanical reasons There is a relationship between how long a moon takes to orbit a planet, and how big and far away it is. For example, Luna ...
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How would be a Lunisolar Calendar with 2 Moons?

Lunisolar calendars on earth all exist to facilitate the same thing, allowing you to use the moon as a timekeeping tool while keeping the months in consistent seasons of the solar year. If you are a ...
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Binary planets and dual moon alignment occurring once every 200 years

You did not say how many hours are in a day and how many days are in a year. Note that since the duration of MoonOne's orbit is 24 hours, and after 200 years it must have completed an integer number ...
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How long would a crater/mare on the Moon be glowing red and visible from earth?

Sounds like a good candidate for a Fermi estimate / dimensional analysis! Conceptually, we'll simplify to a ball of molten rock hooked up to a "perfect" heatsink (aka, ignoring the size of ...
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