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What vehicle would be the best one to start a >1000 km travel in a post apocalyptic zombie situation?

Railway Maintenance Vehicle Ride on the tracks. They go everywhere and will be mostly clear. Obstruction on the tracks? Hop off and drive around it. Build a living space and storage space in the ...
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How can you weaponize a thermos?

Fill it with ice cream. That will make it heavier. Also when you are done fighting you can eat the ice cream, and you will probably feel like ice cream about then.
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How can I build a door to repel a horde of zombies?

Human engineering can, 100%, keep out a horde of zombies. In The Walking Dead things fail because if they didn't the show would be boring. In real life, there exist castle gates hundreds of years old ...
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Why would people bury their dead in tombs when they might become zombies?

The alternatives are worse Burning the corpse brings back the dead as a incorporeal wraith (that is also pissed that you desecrated the body.) Dismemberment causes something similar, except the ...
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Why would the government ban flamethrowers in a zombie apocalypse?

The only thing worse than a zombie chasing you... is a FLAMING zombie chasing you! Your zombies don't immediately die once set ablaze. Sure, EVENTUALLY enough of their flesh has burned off to render ...
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How can I build a door to repel a horde of zombies?

We humans are pretty good at building gates to keep people out. We've been doing it for a long time for military purposes and to stop thieves. Why Do We Have Gates? Because there has to be some way ...
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What vehicle would be the best one to start a >1000 km travel in a post apocalyptic zombie situation?

What about a boat? (zombies can't swim right?) Europe has a pretty good river system and will get you to pretty much every big city. The two mechanics will have to deal with operating locks along the ...
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What vehicle would be the best one to start a >1000 km travel in a post apocalyptic zombie situation?

What about bicycles? They're quiet, they don't require finding fuel, they're maneuverable, they're easy to repair even for laymen, they can be used in multiple different types of terrain, and they're ...
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How can you weaponize a thermos?

A real life story. Back in a high school, my friends and I were very much into science, experimenting with a lot of different things. Once on a winter morning, my friend and I procured about one ...
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Would a trench filled with mercury stop zombies in their tracks?

You would need roughly 62500 cubic metres of mercury. One cubic metre of mercury is 13,534 kilograms. So you would need to mine 845,875 tons of mercury. In cinnabar there is 12% percent of mercury. So ...
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Politics and Zombies: Designing a balanced zombie plague that could realistically destroy civilization due to poor decision-making

Zombification as a Cure for Death: Scientists make a breakthrough, a biological treatment for aging. It is so effective, that government agencies can't resist the pressure to approve it, OR the ...
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If all zombies followed the loudest sound around, could they all end up in the same place?

Only if this is a comedic story. Imagine a zombie trapped between Japanese bamboo water fountain and a signboard of a shop moved by wind. Also in India between tiger and elephant. And walking toward ...
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What measures might an early-medieval society take to deal with draugr?

Fight draugr with dogr. If you have weird dudes sneaking around the village looking for trouble, there is nothing better than a watchdog. They will be even better for draugr. Dogs will smell these ...
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Why would the government ban flamethrowers in a zombie apocalypse?

There are some species of fungi were their spores can be dispersed by large fires. This is a link to an article on the transport of spores in the smoke from biomass fires.
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Defending Castle from Zombies

Nothing You don't need nothing special. As the late Tywin Lannister put it, "a man above the walls counts as ten men below". That's why throughthout history, castles and fortifications were rarely ...
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Why would people bury their dead in tombs when they might become zombies?

Why bury and entomb their dead at all, when they know there's a chance they might dig themselves back up? You already gave the answer in your premise: if you leave a corpse to stew long enough, ...
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What's the angle of repose for dead zombie bodies?

They will not pile up like you think The best examples of what you are looking for will be from photographs of mass graves or pictures taken by over zealous hunters and fishermen (I don't recommend ...
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Wasp hives in a walking corpse. Why would wasps do this?

Because it's a viable ecological niche, of course. The wasps are an evolutionary development of the Ichneumonoid wasps which lay their eggs in living ...
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Why would the military use tanks in a zombie apocalypse?

It's the mounting platform for your flail. If you pull the tank battalion's mine flail (video) out of the back of the motor pool and put it onto the tank, you can shred your way through lots and lots (...
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Zombie killing structure that's easy to construct, durable and low maintenance?

A super low tech alternative approach. Stairway to heaven. Build a nice tall stair case going from ground level up a good 5 or 6 floors then hang a birdcage a good 6 or 7 feet off the edge of the ...
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How practical would a zombie horde actually be in medieval setting

Watch out for fatigue The other answers, especially of Erin Thursby, covered pretty much the subject : forget the archers, have pike formations and shieldwalls, aim for the limbs and consider how ...
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Zombie army is bad idea. But why actually?

The zombies are idiots. Zombies can attack or defend, but they can't attack intelligently, and they can only do both at once with a lot of attention from the sorcerer. In a fight, a skilled fighter (...
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Safe way to eat zombies?

In all cases, suppose that cooking properly will take care of infection. But the skeletal muscles are rotten in the classic zombie: Perhaps you harvest just the (high-calorie) bone marrow, which is ...
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Would it be more or less disastrous if a zombie is curable?

Part of the answer depends on what you call 'disastrous'. Economically, a zombie outbreak (curable or not) would result in complete collapse of the global economy as production would essentially grind ...
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What kind of land transportation can be used for plowing through hordes of zombies?

Frankly, I would not bother with cars or trucks. Use a train! Any large diesel engine, or several combined, with a snow plow up front. As a bonus, you can add waggons for any goods you may want ...
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What vehicle would be the best one to start a >1000 km travel in a post apocalyptic zombie situation?

I suggest a heavy rescue vehicle. (a type of specialty firefighting or emergency medical services apparatus, primarily designed to provide the specialized equipment necessary for technical rescue ...
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What is the ideal location to hide the President in the case of a zombie apocalypse?

Why would you want to hide the President? That concept makes sense if there is an attack by an intelligent adversary who wants to target the chain of command. In this case, it sounds as if you want to ...
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What would allow gasoline to last for years?

The real-world answer is fuel stabilizers. The more entertaining answer is that your colony has enlisted a pyromaniac who is slowly building a gasoline re-refinery near the edge of town. He collects ...
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Would an ultra-heavy tank be a resource-efficient zombie-extermination unit for an CBRN-contaminated environment?

Blimps A large blimp costs a few million, similar to a tank, and surely less than your super-tank. The zombies won't be shooting it down. They can't swarm it or gum up its wheels. Blimps are ...
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