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Why are escape pods used instead of transporters whenever an alarm sounds to abandon the ship?

If the antimatter containment is failing then power would be failing also. Escape pods wouldn't require power. They are also located all over the ship and the vast majority of the crew could reach ...
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Help! Mage stuck inside a wall!

Huge robes! source This is why wizards wear those giant robes. Also giant hat (hers is in the wash) and giant beards (also in the wash). By inflating their volume with nonmeat bulky clothes, they ...
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I'm on the Titanic, what should I do to survive?

Befriend and hang out with fellow passenger, Margaret (Molly/Maggie) Brown then follow her to lifeboat #6 which historically will have available seats.
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Why do dragons need to roar before chasing down their prey?

In real life, an animal that is hunting will generally do so quietly. Roaring and displays are territorial behaviors, generally used when the animal doesn't want a fight and just wants the enemy to ...
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How to politely coexist with a vampire?

A HUG in your life: a guide to workplace harmony Your team is about to welcome a new colleague from the HUG (Haematophagous, Undead and Ghoulish) community. You may be apprehensive about this change ...
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Would a trench filled with mercury stop zombies in their tracks?

You would need roughly 62500 cubic metres of mercury. One cubic metre of mercury is 13,534 kilograms. So you would need to mine 845,875 tons of mercury. In cinnabar there is 12% percent of mercury. So ...
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What dog breeds survive the apocalypse for generations?

Mongrels There is no reason to think that left to themselves, dogs will remain in breeds. They will cross breed. In a few generations, there won't be any separate breeds. All dogs will be mongrels....
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If every star in the universe except the Sun were destroyed, would we die?

No. Life on Earth and our solar system in general would not be harmed by this sudden universal destruction. Everything outside of the Solar system affects us via electromagnetic radiation, gravity, ...
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How many coconut trees would be necessary to support a single, middle-aged human on a deserted island?

Well, start with the Wikipedia page. On fertile soil, a tall coconut palm tree can yield up to 75 fruits per year, but more often yields less than 30, mainly due to poor cultural practices The ...
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Can I send S.O.S in space with just a conventional cellphone?

Assets 1 obsolete piece of short range comms kit requiring a battery you probably can't charge 1 slightly malfunctioning escape pod with up to date comms that isn't working but you're still alive ...
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Where on Earth is it easiest to survive in the wilderness?

As a native I'm definitely biased here, but Ireland is actually a pretty good bet. Especially towards the West, Ireland has actually seen a decline in rural population. You can genuinely walk for ...
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Best places to be on Earth when an all out nuclear World War III breaks out?

New Zealand. Nowhere in the southern hemisphere is a likely target for nuclear weapons, but New Zealand is further south than any other countries except Chile and Argentina, has a stable economy and ...
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If every star in the universe except the Sun were destroyed, would we die?

We wouldn't even notice for several years. The closest star to us (aside from the Sun) is Alpha Centauri, which is just over 4 light-years away. That means that whenever we look at Alpha Centauri ...
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I'm on the Titanic, what should I do to survive?

As soon as a lifeboat launches, volunteer to be in it. At first there were quite a lot of people who hesitated to go into a little wooden boat in the middle of the Atlantic, when the big reassuring ...
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Can I send S.O.S in space with just a conventional cellphone?

Absolutely. Simply write "S. O. S." on a piece of paper, wrap it around the phone, secure it with some tape or a rubber band, then put the phone in the air lock and open the external door. Now all you ...
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How old do surviving children need to be to keep human civilization from failing?

I'm not convinced that 18 is too old at all; in point of fact, if ALL the 'adults' left at once, society would be ruined in many different ways. What we call civilisation is really a very delicate ...
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Arming all untrained people with firearms, which weapon would do?

Shotgun, of course. The manufacturing requirements for a shotgun are a lot easier than for any high velocity, rifled, bolt-action or even worse gas-powered autoloading firearms. A simple breech ...
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How long could a person survive on nothing but water, salt, and sugar?

Warning: the links go to medical Wikipedia pages and they show bodies that look quite ill. Follow with caution. Just isotonic sugar water will likely lead to death by scurvy, beriberi, and kwashiorkor,...
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Best places to be on Earth when an all out nuclear World War III breaks out?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'll add three. North Korea is the most likely country to start throwing missiles around. This is the map of the range of their ICBM's: Let me ...
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Could an astronaut in a near-future space ship survive transit through our asteroid belt?

Yes they could. Very Easily. Contrary to myth, the asteroid belt is very nearly empty. (See
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If a portal scroll is cheap and easily available why they are not used when one's life is in peril?

Gauntlets, security, accessibility and coordination. Plus falls and loot. Assumptions: A teleport scroll will only take a single adventurer and the items that adventurer is wearing / carrying. If ...
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Would humankind remain the dominant species in a world with twice as big animals?

Unquestionably Yes. Without a doubt Homo Sapiens is the most adaptable species on Mother Nature. Evolution Through the last 5 million years Homo Sapiens (latin: wise man) has toughed it out through (...
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What kind of deadly ranged weapon can pixies use against humans?

Don't bother killing humans, kill their stuff! When you kill a human they go crazy. Humans with weapons and blue flashing lights appear with big scary dogs that can smell pixies and chomp them down, ...
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How would a society isolated by monster attacks get food?

Fungiculture Below the buildings and streets of your beset cities, farmers cultivate fungi in tunnels, basements, catacombs, and mines. Organic scraps and other biological waste is sent here to feed ...
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How would snake creatures which use uroboros to roll to safety avoid brain damage?

Why asking worldbuilding when nature has already done it? ;-) Let me introduce you the armadillo lizard! The armadillo girdled lizard possesses an uncommon antipredator adaptation, in which it takes ...
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Can a gunsafe survive a nuclear blast level attack?

As specified, this question is trivial - you're saying that a thermonuclear weapon is going off within nine yards of the safe. Though there's variation, a relatively typical thermonuclear weapon in ...
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Could moose/elk survive in the Amazon forest?

Actual brazillian here. The reason why you won't find any mountable animals in the amazon rain forest is because it's kinda like a more green, lush version of Australia, in the aspect that half of ...
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Surviving a planet collision?

Gravity isn't going to let that happen I'm not the resident orbital mechanics specialist so I don't have specific figures in front of me but as I understand it, there's no way that two planets, both ...
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Why don't adventurers (and monsters) suffocate in lower levels of dungeons?

Black Sun Core: If we're talking monsters and adventurers, we're talking fantasy and magic. I've always ascribed to the core radiance theory in such worlds. The core of the planet generates a ...
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What kind of land transportation can be used for plowing through hordes of zombies?

Frankly, I would not bother with cars or trucks. Use a train! Any large diesel engine, or several combined, with a snow plow up front. As a bonus, you can add waggons for any goods you may want ...
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