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Software for creating a 3D planet [duplicate]

(Sorry for my English, it's not my native language. I use Google translate.) I am looking for one or more software programs to create a sphere in 3D with longitudes, latitudes, etc. I want to be able ...
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Procedural Map Creation - Software or Program to create? [duplicate]

Trying to create a map for my fictional world. Obviously, I can do bits like color a paper blue and throw some random green shapes on there to create the land masses. However, the more I look into ...
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How can I break down the task of creating a world into manageable chunks?

Creating an entire world is a daunting prospect, though something I've thought about often. Ideas about different regions, religions, people, history and relationships all blending into a cohesive ...
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What does the view outside my ship traveling at light speed look like?

World Rules: Travelers are able to move at the speed of light without disruption of their lives. Time passes "normally" for them. They think, breathe, love, cry, and steer the ship as if they were ...
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Creating a realistic world map - Landmass formation

This Query is part of the Worldbuilding Resources Article. This question focuses on the initial creation of landmasses. What are the processes that causes land-masses to form, and continents and ...
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Creating a realistic world map - Coastlines

This Query is part of the Worldbuilding Resources Article. Whenever I draw coastlines for a map, I find myself simply drawing large curves and adding in small squiggles in between, occasionally ...
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Creating a realistic world map - Countries Borders

This Query is part of the Worldbuilding Resources Article. From previous questions, I made a nice mass of land, which was enriched up until the drawing of precise coastlines. But all that nice lands ...
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Why did Europeans not widely domesticate foxes?

So I've been thinking for a while about making a world where cats aren't as common and instead are more of a regional domesticated animal, replaced in (mostly Northwestern) Europe by foxes. How come ...
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How should I build an additional periodic table?

Recently, I was going through the magical materials that existed in one of my fantasy settings. It was all going swimmingly, when a thought occurred to me: "You know, I should figure out how ...
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Multiple fireplaces in an apartment building?

I was working on a short story set in winter--a good time to contrast the cold, deprived life of the main character, reflecting his mental state, and the warmth and joy of other characters. There is ...
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How to map arms of the galaxy?

Some background: My interstellar civilization(s) have fled our home Solar System, spreading throughout the nearby systems in the Orion Arm. They possess FTL, but for plot reasons, they have only just ...
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Creating a realistic world map - Currents, Precipitation and Climate

This Query is part of the Worldbuilding Resources Article. Once geological processes and erosion have created a landscape this landscape will in turn alter the planet. Ocean currents and trade winds ...
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How could a planet have most of its water in the atmosphere?

I am creating a speculative evolution project for school (and partially for leisure) and I need a planet for my organisms to live on. I have a rough idea of what it may be like but I'm no expert in ...
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How to make an animal which can only breed for a certain number of generations?

What would be the best way in which to genetically modify (or create through some other method) an animal which breeds normally for a certain number (50?) of generations before becoming sterile? ...
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Creating a realistic world map - Mineralogy

This Query is part of the Worldbuilding Resources Article. I know how continents are formed and how they evolve over time but what does it look like under the surface? The crust of the planet is ...
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