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For questions about the use of violence and intimidation for political or ideological purposes, typically against civilians (instead of military entities). Often tagged in conjunction with the relevant weapon tag i.e. "viruses" or "nuclear-weapons" or with the broader factors being examined i.e. "economy," "society," "crime."

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What laws of war would pertain to this futuristic situation, hundreds of years from now?

I was thinking of a story I wanted to write, but I had a legal question. It involves a war story, and a group of around 12 soldiers. Members of a regular armed force, with the authority of the head of ...
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What govt. members need to be captured for a successful coup d'état? [closed]

I'm working on a story where a corrupt government official manages to blackmail his nation's government into secretly letting him and his cohorts run things from behind the scenes. This is achieved ...
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How to get bomb-laden drones long distances without gathering suspicion?

(note: this takes place in the same universe as my previous question) Hello, fellow comrades. As you know, we have been gaining in strength lately, exploiting instability in Russia (quick author's ...
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What if the 1993 World Trade Center bombing succeeded?

Considering it's been more than twenty years since that fateful day on September 11th, 2001, a thought came to mind: what do you think would have happened if the failed WTC bombing in 1993 succeeded ...
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What kind of support forces would accompany a one-noble armored fighting vehicle into the mountains on a propagandized anti-insurgent mission?

So, this country has a caste system. There are some nobles on top, administrators/etc. towards the middle, military/enforcers further down, and the peasant caste on the bottom. Some of these peasants ...
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Could a terrorist organization or rogue state purposely trigger Kessler syndrome?

Assuming that a terrorist organization or rogue state has the capability of getting crude rockets up to orbit, could they trigger Kessler syndrome by detonating simple fragmentation warheads in the ...
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Navy tribunal after public attack [closed]

I'm not sure if this should be posted here, on writing, or somewhere else. But I am curious as to the procedure the navy (maybe like the US navy or even the British Royal Navy) would take after a ...
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Why don't werewolves incorporate silver into their arsenal since it proves effective against the terrorist?

Since their decisive defeats at the hand of the Hellsing Corps thousand of years ago, the werewolves has gone into hiding disguising themselves among the population in many cities worldwide. Each and ...
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Could a terrorist organization destroy most of Earth's population? [closed]

A small, but wealthy, terrorist organization, (or "freedom fighters", or "savoiurs of the world", if you use their own language) sees the world as full of "sinners", and ...
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How could someone alter the composition of air sufficiently so that plant life gets more nutrients and grows faster

Im writing a story about a group of eco-terrorists who are trying to make the flora of a planet take over major cities and create a utopian wasteland. They have access to a macguffin that can alter ...
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Secure communications for the modern terrorist

This is my first post in this seemingly awesome forum. I need some suggestions for mobile communications in my detective novel. My story features a US police detective who is pitted against a group ...
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what makes a disease deadly?

I am writing a story, in which a mad scientist (based on Ted Kaczynski) wants to kill as many people as possible with an artificially created disease. The idea is, that more complex societies are ...
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Where should the terrorist destroy to destablize global economy [closed]

In my story(setting--modern day), a group of terrorist got one nuclear device from North Korea(50-100 kiloton). Their goal is to destablize global economy so the common people in first world nation (...
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Why would a country be involuntarily involved in stealing prototype weapons of another allied one? [closed]

I want to create a spy story but I lack political or military knowledge to build a solid plot. France discovers that the prototype of one of his last torpedoes, F21 « Artémis », has been stolen while ...
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Realistically describe the day-to-day of a terrorist organization [closed]

I have been wanting to write a story for a while which would feature a newly-created terrorist group in a society similar to today's society in the US or the EU. While I have already outlined the ...
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A Pyramid Scheme for Terrorism and Crime

There have been many pyramid schemes from commercial scams to chain letters. A single terrorist wants to take over the world. He has a gun and threatens two people that he will kill their families if ...
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What happens to victims of a terrorist attack [closed]

Two college students are walking through the city to get to school. When a terrorist attack happens, a number of people are killed and many more are injured. The terrorist are killed and the police ...
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How could the government not prevent a medical company from helping terrorists? [closed]

Recently, the government has found out that the biggest medical corporation (responsible for plenty of technological progress) has been financing and providing material aid to an organization ...
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How could a real world doomsday cult go about causing the apocalypse? [closed]

This is not a fantasy or sci-fi scenario. This is about a doomsday cult terrorist organisation, akin to Aum Shinrikyo, in the present-day real world. Is there any way that such an organisation with ...
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Nuclear terrorism 4 billion years ago: Was natural uranium enriched enough to create weapons without need for further enrichment?

Natural uranium (NU) is a mixture of about 0.7% $\ ^{235}U$ (fissile) and 99.3% $\ ^{238}U$ (non-fissile). To create uranium-based nuclear weapons NU has to undergo a process called enrichment in ...
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How do I defend against a robot suicide bomber?

It is the near future. The Tesla Model X-2 has just been released as the world's first fully autonomous vehicle. A international terrorist group steals one of the new models, holding its owner at ...
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