Considering it's been more than twenty years since that fateful day on September 11th, 2001, a thought came to mind: what do you think would have happened if the failed WTC bombing in 1993 succeeded and brought down one or two of the Twin Towers? How much would the tower(s) collapsing as opposed to a plane attack have affected the rest of Manhattan, America's response to this kind of attack, and the politics of the time?


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In response to the attack, President Clinton grants extraordinary powers to the NSA and other intelligence agencies.

Internet mass surveillance starts in the same era as the Eternal September, killing the idea of a free and open cyberspace that bit earlier.

Phil Zimmerman goes to jail for his February 1993 charges of exporting arms.

As a result of the paranoid feel around the early internet, a larger offline, technophobic subculture persists into the 21st century.


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