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For questions about autonomous or semi-autonomous aerial vehicles. Typically pertains to engineering, logistics, or transportation. Consider also tagging "robots" and "technology"

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Amazon drones controlled by magic, how to control as many as possible with your brain given low technology level but runic alternative to coding [closed]

My research: In the real world the technology to read and interpret the human brain has been arround for almost a century now and the idea of controlling devices with your brain has been around for ...
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Can we build a radio-controlled flying drone using only pre 2000s military tech?

I have a constantly moving floating island that is looking to augment its air force against numerous threats in the sky. Having long run out of resources that don't grow out of crystals or biomaterial ...
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How to get bomb-laden drones long distances without gathering suspicion?

(note: this takes place in the same universe as my previous question) Hello, fellow comrades. As you know, we have been gaining in strength lately, exploiting instability in Russia (quick author's ...
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How would fully autonomous holographic killer drone work wirelessly?

Now we have drones capable of dodging missiles and sometimes evade radar detection and carry out assassination without ever exposing our soldiers to danger, given time could we fly holographic version ...
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What modifications do I need to put on my aircraft to fight against drones?

I'm messing with a fictional scenario I created, "What do I do to my ww1-ww2 aircraft to use them to defend against a drone fleet? The "drones" for convenience, think MQ 1 Predator. The ...
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Realistic combat AI [closed]

The idea of combat robots is simple, they are robotic soldiers that don't eat, don't sleep and don't rest, but they never touch the issue of the AI they employ. The AI of a combat robot must meet the ...
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What weapon would this aircraft use against drones? [closed]

I need a weapon pod for anti-drone use to be mounted on a plane. The plane's performance is (roughly) equal to the Japanese Ki-10 biplane, but without all the extra combat bits attached (guns, ammo, ...
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Is there a really good reason for every house to must have a drone

A really good reason to make renting drones obsolete. For example delivery drone are useless to buy for end users. Even trailing action cam drones are useless for end user to some degree, you can rent ...
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Effects of Tear Gas on Miniature Drones

In this setting, most if not everyone has one or more personal drones. Think robotic hummingbird: same mode of flight, same speed and maneuverability, but no lungs. Instead of internal organs, they ...
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How can I create strong structures with a drone swarm?

Continuing from my previous questions about a swarm of millimetre-sized drones, I want them to be able to interlock or by some method form into strong functioning structures, like a gun or a baseball ...
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Realistic hovering mechanism for my sci-fi drone

What realistic mechanism could be utilized to allow my drone to hover and move around in a visually pleasing and non distracting way? I am currently working on a short sci-fi film, which, among other ...
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Spaceship boarding drone

Military spaceship wants to perform a boarding action on another spaceship, while both are performing high G manevuers (about 2G let's say). It's too hard to immobilize the enemy ship, so they won't ...
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Fact-based fiction: Electric, no-fuel propulsion for autonomous space drone

In an upcoming writing project, I will be focusing on an autonomous drone that picks through space wreckage. It has access to intermittent star light, but has no source of chemical propellant. The ...
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Small flying drones with firearms are legal [closed]

In this hypothetical world which is very similar to our world, small drones carrying light firearms (think handgun) are made legal. They were first mostly used as home security systems. They fly ...
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