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For questions concerning privacy, how privacy is enabled and lost in society, and the effect technology on privacy. See the tag description for more in-depth usage guidelines.

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Why does my futuristic society want transparent iPads and computer monitors?

Transparent iPads/computer monitors seem to be a staple of sci-fi (Star Wars, some of the new Marvel stuff, Red Notice etc). The screen is always functioning on the side of the Reader, and the ...
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12 answers

The Walls of Heaven

Heaven/Paradise is divided up so that each religion believes they are the only ones who got there. Good atheists simply die and don't exist any more as they would expect. Bad people of all types end ...
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4 answers

Secure communications for the modern terrorist

This is my first post in this seemingly awesome forum. I need some suggestions for mobile communications in my detective novel. My story features a US police detective who is pitted against a group ...
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How to avoid lie detectors when they are prevalent?

Let's say that a method of lie detection was created that was 99.99% accurate, portable, and cheap. It is also very generally applicable, and there is no known method to fool it. Now, it is ...
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39 votes
11 answers

What is the earliest point in history that Big Brother could exist?

In the modern world, the technology to monitor your every movement and action is imminently feasible. No one doubts the ability of an omni-government to monitor people; hence GDPR. But Orwell ...
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Problems with a Distributed Government System [closed]

Inspired by this question, wherein the cultural effects of having the lowest possible privacy are discussed to lead into a more honest but less stable world, I'd like to ask if this solution that I ...
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Zero Privacy: Culture

In this future, technology advances in such a way that privacy becomes obsolete. In other words, no one has decided to give up privacy, it's just that trying to hold onto it is like trying to keep ...
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