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Questions involving bows, arrows, crossbows, bolts and their use in hunting or warfare. Intended for person-scale weapons rather than siege artillery.

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Defensive Middle Ages measures against magic-controlled "smart" arrows

Hear hear, with the latest arcane technology, archers on the battlefield are able to shoot "smart arrows". Smart arrows are propelled by a little unit of magiteck, which allows the archer to ...
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What kind of arrow would knock someone over?

Tods Workshop on youtube did a video showing that real arrows would not knock someone off their feet. Imagine a knight in armor is charging on foot at an archer. He wears a breastplate sufficient to ...
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How to design a “legendary looking bow” that fits a Medieval European fantasy? [closed]

Introduction We often see bows and archer heroes (and heroines) being depicted in various fantasy series, wielding some “legendary bows” with bizarre and pointy shapes which looks like unattended ...
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Would a spear ever out perform a bow when wielded by an insanely powerful person?

I am writing a story where humans are battling monsters (Think orcs, goblins, dire wolves, etc). I wanted to stay away from the typical ‘go for guns’ and try historical weaponry. I know the bow has ...
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Would it make sense to have an atlatl user in a world where archery is mainstream? [closed]

I'm writing a story is set in a Monster Hunter-like world where giant animals roam the landscape. Most of the main characters are archers, but I want to have one who is an atlatl (spear thrower) user ...
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What would a guerrilla band of authentic female medieval archers look like?

Historical background In discussions about European medieval archery, there is a lot of emphasis on the english longbow, and the physique and training required to field an archer of that caliber. The ...
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How would a bow for super-humans use look like?

First, I shall explain the situation. I have a species of humanoids, Astriads, who are already quite stronger on average than humans are. However, this difference isn't great enough to cause problems ...
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Shooting around obstacles with bow and arrow (without magic) [closed]

Bow and arrow are a basic part of many medieval and fantasy settings. Be it for assassins (silent), for (elven) tribes that live in harmony with nature (not industrialized), or to emphasize the skill ...
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Would chainmail stop an arrow from a longbow? [closed]

Restated in more words, would a conscripted pikeman with a decent set of chainmail but no shield have any hope against an arrow from your basic english longbow?
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How to trigger explosive arrows?

So, I have a small tribe of island people with stone-age technology who have discovered how to make gunpowder. However, they want to make war on the neighboring islands, and they need a delivery ...
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Making freezer arrows using endothermic reactions

Fire arrows are a pretty common trope, however, according to Lindybeige, they're not really that great. In contrast to fire, what if you make arrows that create an endothermic reaction upon impact, ...
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