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Can I have a world without females?

In this world, most things that could be considered animals or animal-like reproduce in a genderless, sexless, or asexual manner, primarily through processes like apomixis or other means excluding ...
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24 votes
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At what technological level can a mixed-gender military not be at a disadvantage to an all-male one?

In various fantasy settings, female combatants are quite common. There is a history of women in the military in real life but such women were generally rare and often hid their identity. Warfare was ...
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Is there a more balanced way to make a slightly better female rights setting but also make it authentically medieval? [closed]

The description of this question is lengthy because I want to make my situation precise , well-defined and detailed to avoid answers covering what I've already made my decisions with (Like how about X ...
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all human females except one is dead, how screwed is humanity?

inspired by this and this question. I'm wondering how screwed is humanity if the event like y: the last man is happening, but this time, it's the reverse. so by that context : by asb will, all human ...
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What would a guerrilla band of authentic female medieval archers look like?

Historical background In discussions about European medieval archery, there is a lot of emphasis on the english longbow, and the physique and training required to field an archer of that caliber. The ...
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1 vote
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How would a gender non-conforming woman present in a society where clothing is largely unisex? [closed]

I have a character who's biologically female and identifies as such but I imagine her as quite masculine as well. Apart from having short hair and maybe binding her breasts, what else could signify ...
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What would be the ideal of beauty in a world of a completely female human species?

This is a very hard question, if well the future and sociocultural interactions are hard to predict and many times could be wrong, but with the enough antropologic investigation comparing historical ...
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I need to find a disease [duplicate]

I am currently working on character building in preparation for my first movie screenplay. One of my characters is a 15-17 year old girl with a terminal disease. Here are some requirements for the ...
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31 votes
18 answers

How does an all-female medieval country maintain itself?

Here's a question that came up while I was tinkering with a setting I'm working on. How would a small city-state, with a population in the tens of thousands, where all children were girls, sustain ...
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How could a female member of a species produce eggs unto death?

As far as I am aware, female mammals cannot produce eggs (as in ova) after a certain age/maturation. How could the female produce eggs for an unlimited amount of time, resulting in a 'queen' mammal ...
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4 answers

Would breasts make human powered flight harder?

I don’t have breasts. Ok, in all seriousness, when I look up how much breasts weigh all I get in answers like “30,000 bees per bong” and all my female friends don’t know the answer. Could removing ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is a species that uses males of related species plausible?

I'm worldbuilding a species X that doesn't have males. All members are females. X reproduces sexually using males from related species Z. There it combines the shared chromosomes but passes unique ...
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Cause of the Male/Female Birth Imbalance in "A Brother's Price"? [duplicate]

I stumbled across the tropes page from "A Brother's Price" the other day. Basically, the novel takes place on an alternate Earth in a country called Queensland, where only around one in every ten ...
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3 answers

Factors that Promote Female Warriors? [duplicate]

Assuming that magic use and similar things are not present in the setting, what scenario(s) would lead to female warriors being considered fairly acceptable? The only example that I can think of from ...
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4 answers

How would a girl that has never encountered the concept of pregnancy react to giving birth?

The title pretty much explains it all. Theoretical background: There is a psychologic concept called automatic thinking. Those thoughts can be either functional or not. We assume here just that this ...
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20 votes
6 answers

Can there be sexism towards women in a society where the main religion is based on a female messiah?

A little context: According to the beliefs of that religion, a woman sent by God guided humanity from a distant place to the world in which they live today. This woman known as The Lady, taught them ...
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What If 75% of Births Were Fatal? [closed]

How would society be different if it was human nature that 75% of all births were fatal, as in resulting in the death of the mother. The infants usually survive these births unharmed. There is no cure ...
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How would exposing a female warrior's (mostly) bare bottom help her in combat?

There's a valid discussion about feminism and objectification of women to be had. This is not the place for it, nor do I attempt to make it one. I noticed that in Fire Emblem: Fates (and probably ...
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What would happen if every human female turned into a cat? [closed]

Imagine a future where your sister, mother, grandma, and possibly even yourself have turned into adorable cats. Science and history have given no apparent hints or evidence that this would have ...
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What gender specific terminology should one use when talking about fantasy species?

A world that I work on has a number of different traditional fantasy species (or races) and we're getting a bit stuck with gender terminology for females. I've searched high and low on the web for ...
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