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For questions related to the usage of endothermic reactions.

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Is a shapeshifter's transformation exothermic or endothermic?

I'll start by saying that whilst my scientific knowledge is pretty basic (if ever-increasing) it would be good to hear answers that can give a layman's summation as well as a more scientific ...
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Accelerated Metabolism Thermal Sensation

If a person has an accelerated methabolism, and thus a higher body temperature, would this person feel more hot or cold than a normal person in the same ambient? (Question edited for the sake of ...
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My creature mixes lye and sal ammoniac to cool its blood. How cold can its blood get before it stops working as blood?

Background information: According to various sources, the human heart pumps 5 liters of blood/minute at rest and 15-20 liters of blood/minute during running or exercise, 6,000 to 7,500 liters of ...
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What can run the condensers on this Hell Train?

Hell turns out to be a real, physical place. It’s a physical planet. I have most of the science figured out for this literal hades, except the heat engines used in here need a cold sink—a strong one ...
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Would earth life be able to synthesize the chemicals or materials needed to produce endothermic reactions?

An answer in this question by Gillgamesh inspired this question, mostly to see if it's at all possible. Basically the end-goal is to have an organism that would make use of endothermic reactions to ...
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How much thermal lift force can these pyromancers generate?

BACKGROUND The pyromancers described here have found some very tall cliffs to jump off of, and they'd like to perform some experiments with gliders. They believe, or at least hope, that being able to ...
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Room-Temperature Animal

Remember the Xenomorphs from aliens, how they didn't show up in heat vision? I was wondering how you could recreate that effect biologically... a creature which doesn't pop-up on IR (at least, not ...
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Water pressure generates heat? [closed]

Assuming an infinite supply of water at significant pressure. The city is situated underneath a large sea. If some of the water is allowed to depressurize using a pipe of increasing diameter, what ...
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Making freezer arrows using endothermic reactions

Fire arrows are a pretty common trope, however, according to Lindybeige, they're not really that great. In contrast to fire, what if you make arrows that create an endothermic reaction upon impact, ...
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