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Least advantageous sport for individuals with super strength? [closed]

The super strong individuals are approximately five times as strong as regular humans. Due to this, they are able to move their limbs much faster. They cannot think or react any faster than regular ...
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How strong would a realistically evolved orc be? [closed]

In my worlds Orcs are species/subspecies that branched away from homo sapiens in response to evolutionary pressure to be more powerful and more adept at surviving in a much more hostile environment. ...
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Space saved by squashing and grinding corpses with super strength

First time poster here. I play roleplaying games (Vampire the Dark Ages currently) and like to write a lot of homebrew material or suggest creative solutions to our Game Master. Here is my latest ...
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Is is possible for a humanoid to have a quasi-realistic explanation for having a limited form of super strength and agility? [closed]

In terms of strength I am thinking of launching people over five feet with a single blow or just by throwing them In terms of agility I am picturing the average action hero Baring the explanations ...
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Would a spear ever out perform a bow when wielded by an insanely powerful person?

I am writing a story where humans are battling monsters (Think orcs, goblins, dire wolves, etc). I wanted to stay away from the typical ‘go for guns’ and try historical weaponry. I know the bow has ...
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How could interspecies wrestling fights be fair?

In real life, there are weight classes in combat sports. In my world, there are sixteen species from the Homo genus: Anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens); Marine humans/Merfolk (Homo maritimus); ...
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What could someone who is able to add to their muscle mass accomplish?

In my world I have a type of magic user who grows stronger the more they kill animals and people. Currently I conceptualise this as a sort of pocket dimension muscle, whenever they kill a creature, ...
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How much could/what would the average human be able to lift/carry if they were in a world where they are equivalently 1 inch tall?

So I have this semi-old story concept where people are somehow teleported via a mysterious portal(I might change it to a door) to this dimension where everything is 72 times bigger and the day/night ...
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Why wouldn't tribal chiefs use berserkers in warfare?

So in my setting, there's this magical elixir that can essentially turn people into berserkers for a short time. They enter a state of "murder high" where they basically become hardcore ...
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What are the effects of bullets on a superhuman who keeps getting stronger?

In a story I’m writing, there’s a superhero who uses a magic spell to increase the strength of her body. This means that her body becomes more durable as well. As she increases her capacity to output ...
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Increasing molecular bond strength as Strengthening Magic

Let's say a wild mage appears (again!) and uses magic to increase the molecular bond strength of the muscles, bones and tendons of a random villager. Supposing their musculature, and other tissues, ...
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super power = strength, density and mass shifting

A person with the ability to bend and contort and twist a 5"/5"/8' steel beam. This person is strictly super. I understand the person has to have similar or greater density. In this mock-up, ...
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Could medieval technology/materials take advantage of superhuman strength for muscle-powered weaponry?

Could muscle-powered weapons be made to take advantage of superhuman strength, or Would material limitations get in the way? Assuming: a Viking Age (say 800-1000AD) level of technology materials ...
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