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For questions about technology or phenomena that change how the world is perceived, while the world itself does not physically change.

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How should an echolocation device give feedback to the (blind) user?

So, the idea started when I came across human echolocation, it turns out everyone that has hearing uses passive echolocation intuitively even without knowing it, but more interesting is people that ...
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Proving the existence of a reality-warping supercomputer [closed]

We use formulas to help us understand the "laws" that govern us and our universe. Say that suddenly, unbeknownst to us, a supercomputer was introduced to our Earth that was capable of casting a mass ...
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How wide must aerial roadways be for safe, fuel-efficient flying cars?

A dramatic scene in my story requires a pursuit with a vehicle “threading the needle” in flight between some structures. I need to describe how small that hole would be in relation to a typical ...
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What caused the end of cybernetic implants?

This is a post cyberpunk world where pretty much everyone had cybernetic implants for pleasure and work enhancements. Close to 99% of the global amount of happiness, love and pleasure in general was ...
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If aliens would be like us, how can we survive [closed]

We Humans are the most intelligent species of this planet, we have total control over all other species of this planet, we can use them however we want like (Food,clothes,experiments). We are the most ...
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Voice Activated Reality Warping [closed]

Okay, so before I start this probably 95% completely opinionated but I would really like some feed back and overall help with this. I’m writing a story where everyone has a specific power or a gift ...
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Universal translation and nonsense lyrics

I've been drafting a science fiction story that places a lot of emphases on the vastness of culture. One way technique I've been using is language and the hassle of translation. Earth has abut 4,500 ...
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Are there more secure way to report location?

I want to write a story about a group of people playing Augmented Reality (AR) games in a city that similar to any city we have in the modern world. A game like the one in the new anime movie Sword ...
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How would prolonged use of augmented-reality combat gear affect soldiers?

Consider a future soldier with access to the technological augmentation indicated below, and for whom it is reasonable to believe he would spend (while deployed) at least 18 hours a day attached to ...
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Is it possible to augment the human body's muscles or nerves to simulate weight and force?

Decades in the future, people have been able to augment their own sensory inputs in their brains and nerves to feel, see, taste and touch things that are not really there. Also, they can modify their ...
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Would uncontrolled intermittent ESP be confused with schizophrenia?

Say an individual was born with uncontrollable intermittent ESP. Rather than something fairly innocuous like seeing ghosts, his ESP sees things from beyond. He'll randomly pick up stimulus from a ...
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How would immersive cinemas work?

In a distant future world, people going to cinemas will not just see movies but 'experience' them. Spectators will be a part of the cast with the help of immersive virtual reality. How would these ...
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What would happen if the justice system is replaced with a zero sum game? [closed]

I'm writing about an augmented reality simulation world mirroring ours. In this reality the criminal justice system is based on the results of a coin toss. If a robbery victim files a police report, ...
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What size and material are my miniature machines?

Let’s say that in my fictitious, scientifically advanced world, humans create some “miniature” (and I say miniature because I’m not sure what prefix use: Nano? Micro? Or even smaller?) machines to use ...
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