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For questions related to Earth's Global Positioning System (GPS), the satellite array that provides position, velocity, and time to the modern world for navigational use. Relevant tags include "time-keeping," "satellites," "communication," and "navigation".

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time precision of system logs

All, As part of an SF writing project, I would like information on the accuracy of computer system logs, worldwide. One could think of a global map that had a tiny dot for every computer or phone ...
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Is it possible to remotely hack the GPS system and disable GPS service worldwide?

The title pretty much says it all. I'm wondering if it is possible through "digital" means only (aka any physical disruption of satellites is not allowed) to disable the US GPS satellite ...
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Post Kessler Syndrome GPS Replacement

If the Kessler Effect were to reach critical mass and render it nigh-impossible to put anything in orbit, allowing for some handwavery, what sort of options are there for replacement geolocation with ...
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Are there more secure way to report location?

I want to write a story about a group of people playing Augmented Reality (AR) games in a city that similar to any city we have in the modern world. A game like the one in the new anime movie Sword ...
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A planet/moon with no GPS option?

I am trying to think of a reason where on a moon (or small planet), GPS isn't possible/feasible. If you want to go out into the wilderness you need a map and a good sense of direction. However it's ...
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GPS without geosynchronous orbit

A setting where we still have the rest of our technology, but for reasons - alien space bats, basically - there are no longer any stable orbits around Earth with an altitude higher than about 1000 km. ...
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How long will technology (satellites, GPS, Cell Phone) still work after civilization is destroyed?

If a large part of the population was killed, but the infrastructure was basically unharmed (I know it take people to keep things going, but I guess that is part of the question), how long would I ...
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