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Need to start a religion with a predefined self-destruct

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What earth crops could be grown on a high gravity (1.5-3g) planet?

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Consequences or Benefits of a Binary Planet?

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Could humanity survive if all except a few males died in a plague?

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If Jesus performed miracles today, how could we convince the people of 4000AD that they happened?

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Two new planets orbiting the Sun beyond Pluto

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Blind spot in the Solar System

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I'm stranded on an alien planet. How do I measure an earth year without a clock?

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What could an indestructible person contribute to the world's technology?

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Can one Battlestar conquer Earth?

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How deep must be a pit on the moon to hold atmosphere at 1ATM on the bottom

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What was the magic moon for?

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How can I explain rain pouring skyward?

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Making Mars bigger