We all know the Kardashev Scale , and the energy output required to get to each level , but what would be the best way to transport those amounts of energy? I have come up with ways to distribute energy on the second level of the scale , and would like to know which of each set would be most feasible ( which would result in the least amount of energy loss )


  • laser beams ( turn the energy into light and shining them into black gas to convert it into heat energy , which then can be converted into any energy of the recipient's choosing )

  • Plasma cartridges ( use the energy to super heat a noble gas ,store it in a magnetic field , send it into orbit around a black-hole, planet, or star, and use the gravity to fling it to its destination )

  • Tesla coil planet ( turn the energy into electricity and placing it into a dwarf planet sized Tesla Coil , sending the electricity to artificial satellites that would also act as tesla coils , the from there, the electricity would be send to that planets inhabitants )

Any and all feedback is appreciated as always, Thanks

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Will we continue to store energy, or will that idea go out of style once we figure out how to ignite fusion on demand? Level II implies that we master and consume energy equivalent to the output of our own sun. It does not require that that energy actually come from our sun.

I imagine every citizen of level II civilization will have a matchbox sized object in their pocket in which a perfectly safe and controlled fusion reaction can ignite upon demand. Containing several years of fuel, these matchboxes can provide their users with enormous power as needed; and larger units are available for projects which exceed the matchbox's capacity.

In other words, we won't store and transport energy anymore. We'll just create it on the spot and in the moment that we need it.

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    $\begingroup$ "In other words, we won't store and transport energy anymore." Or to be more accurate, energy will be stored and transported as inert mass. $\endgroup$
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    $\begingroup$ Your answer basically says we will continue to store and transport energy, we just won't need to do so as chemical or electrical energy. Instead we'll store it as fusion fuel. The good news is this is perhaps 10,000,000 x more dense than chemical energy storage. $\endgroup$
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