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The study of people's efficiency in their working environment

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Is there a most efficient number of arm-like appendages?

I have a number of intelligent alien species with a high number of limbs (from 6 up to 18) some with radial symmetry and some bilateral, in most cases the creatures can crawl using all limbs but when ...
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Would tentacle like appendages along limbs aid in daily life activities?

I am working on an alien species which have tentacle like appendages along their limbs, based on the range of appendages used by marine suspension and filter feeders. On land, many of the species have ...
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Design criteria and out of the box thinking for the interior of a non humanoid alien ship [closed]

I am trying to design the interiors of spaceships for non humanoid aliens and I am wondering if there is an overall formula that can aid in these designs. I have tried asking on other sites or ...
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What kind of houses would giant creatures build?

I have a sapient alien species who weigh on average 4 tonnes and are on average 20 foot tall when standing completely upright. They resemble six-limbed giant sloths; they have an upper pair of arms ...
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What good reason for a full metal humanoid robot with powerful hydraulic legs need to sit on chair?

Set in near future, the human and robot coexist together amicably and conflict is rare. They are designed to resemble us as close as possible for our sake, so we feel at ease and less paranoid by ...
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Ergonomics of a Metal Storm Staff Gun

Upon the The Peaks of Comprehension lies the the Temple of Knowledge, where monks labor, record, observe and preserve knowledge both old and new. With the knowledge they have gained, the monks go out ...
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How would mirror-handed humanoids design their tools?

There is a race of humanoids who all have type 2 ulnar dimelia. In terms of outside anatomy, their hand is the same on both sides, with a set of 4 fingers on each side. How would these people design ...
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Tentacle fingers

For one of my tentacled alien species designs I was considering tentacle like fingers, even though an intelligent creature with many tentacle appendages could achieve a good level of dexterity and ...
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2 answers

What would a toilet look like for a (paralyzed) humanoid with a tail?

This is related to How would a race of humanoids with tails design [vehicle] seats?; same universe, same humanoids. I have a story involving a bunch of humanoids with tails (see prior question for ...
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How can I break down the task of designing alien commodities and items? [closed]

Most sci-fi stories depict aliens as humanoid; walking upright, having two arms and two legs, and a head on top. Sometimes the number of appendages varies, but they more or less resemble humans in ...
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