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For questions having to do with the appreciation of beauty, be it in living or artistic form.

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how to wear multiple blades? does it matter?

both are quite easy to animate, no further programming required except switching secondary sword attachment from side_hip1.r to side_hip2.l so it's mostly about aesthetics now... which is a problem ...
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Can human geniuses be cloned with modern technology?

In my story, there is a private institution called the GenoVate Initiative. The GenoVate Initiative wants to preserve the most exceptional individuals in the human gene pool. People who have ...
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Colour of the sky on a planet near a red dwarf [duplicate]

The twin planets Rhoda and Mary are two planets orbiting Barnard’s Star, a red dwarf star 6 lightyears from earth. The two orbit 0.05 AU from their sun, and 415,000 km from each other. They are ...
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Creating a second earth: the problem with stars

(Continues along the premise of this question: Creating a second earth: How to make a continent?) So, thanks to their helpful team of ask forum buddies, 😉 the terraformers designing New Earth have ...
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What would the stars look like near the centre of a galaxy?

In this sci-if scenario, angry aliens “evict” Earth and the sun from the galaxy using their clarkean wormhole technology, and sol ends up in a new region of space. Sol is now located near the core of ...
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How can I get a huge Saturn-like ringed moon in the sky?

I’m trying to design a Planet that is as stereotypically “Alien” as possible. That means an Alien Ecology, twin suns, and this view from the surface which I’m sure you’re all familiar with: How can I ...
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Design criteria and out of the box thinking for the interior of a non humanoid alien ship [closed]

I am trying to design the interiors of spaceships for non humanoid aliens and I am wondering if there is an overall formula that can aid in these designs. I have tried asking on other sites or ...
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Could make up be put on scales?

I have a race of fish people that I want to put make up on (specifically make up used in kabuki theater, which is made of rice powder). These fish people hardly go into water (as weird as it sounds), ...
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Visual aesthetic values of species with no color vision?

I'm developing a species which lives primarily underground (see this prior question) and has limited vision as a result. This species does not have the same number of cones (used to perceive colored ...
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How would the presence of dragons in an army influence the standards for manliness?

Imagine a medieval society in which dragons are domesticated for military use. When they are young and still able to fly, they're ridden into combat. Very few make it to an old age, but those who do ...
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