I am currently working on a post-apocalyptic world where roughly 90% of humanity get infected by HDD (Human Degenerative Disease). HDD causes the human brain, glands and tissues to change quite dramatically. Reducing the majority of the infected to a feral state in which they are no longer sapient, but can be trained (with effort) similarly to gorillas, chimpanzees and dogs. The infected breed true among themselves, seem to have no memories of their past lives, and over the past 50 years have propagated a great deal. An immune or uninfected person who breeds with one of these new ferals has a 75% chance of producing non-feral offspring.

I am wondering what sorts of behavioural traits these ferals would be likely to exhibit and adopt?

Thanks in advance. Just let me know if this needs to be narrowed down further.


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you could use the fantasy races as a starting point

perhaps the mutations reflect peoples subconscious fears and desires for their current situations and personalities

there were humans who went underground to escape the deasise, but got infected anyways, becoming dwarfs, with more hardy bodies to operate the last working machines and tanks.

perhaps vampires could be former doctors and nurses, who immediately after the collapse were in extreme starvation, forced to consume blood, afterwards amassing power by controlling precious medicine, and antibiotics

hobbits are those who lived in small agricultural communities such as the Amish, and those who lived in the rural areas of third world countries.

the first infected you described could be orcs, who fighting for scavenged cans of food and small game would be selected for large musles, and hunched heads to minimize the killing power of sneak attacks to the back of the head.

The people who became psychics could be the elves with the side effect of having less dense bones, as they feel the need to escape quickly from the din of the cities, newly amplifeyed by their heightened senses

a repurposed high tech aircraft carrier that was sent out to sea, to harbor high ranking government officials could see its inhabitants gain the ability to breath water to repair the ship and forage for food, becoming Atlantians.

anyways I'm not saying you should make it a fantasy story, just that this is how I thought up the races.

also I'm new to this stack exchange, and I wrote this over some time, so if you have any questions or criticisms, please ask


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