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Machine Learning novice. I enjoy programming, and; byte me; long john_silver; char broiled; string me_along; float valve; double jeopardy; struct by_lightning { ... }; Object strongly; class warfare { ... }; String cheese; Exception taken; Graphics ex; // XXX long walk(short pier) { } // from the MrBunny Java book int elligence; bool me_over; short circus; int eger; // ...completing what the designers of the language left out char acter; bool ean; void* bowels; class Brick implements Throwable { } class Marathon implements Runnable { } class Novel implements Serializable { } class Human implements Cloneable { } Fun(key) %% funky! G$ /* Following was seen in the required (at least until 3.8 or so) constructor for a JUnit TestCase. * Many words or parts of words can be substituted for man as the variable name for hours of amusement. * The shortest that makes sense is just "b". */ public MyTestCase(String man) { super(man); } Source:

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