So I've already got these huge pumps that collect all of the air "pollution" from factories. They harvest all the gases and compact it into dirigible balloons.

The point of all this is to send CO2 and methane to other planets to begin creating a feasible atmosphere to begin to support low-energy plants, like bamboo.

How would I ship the gases to a nearby planet or system? Would this even work for creating an atmosphere?


My ideas for transportation are an ion particle accelerator like L3 makes. slow, but utterly efficient. I guess the biggest problem is it would be super expensive if I have to send small payloads but I can't quite figure out how to send larger amounts without creating multiple craft for each planetary mass. I need it to work in different situations

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    $\begingroup$ We would need more information to answer this. For example, accelerating tons of material towards another planet requires lots and lots of energy, gas liquid or solid. What sort of technology are we looking at for this transport effort? $\endgroup$
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  • $\begingroup$ BTW we can harvest the waste gasses from the smog as fuel if we need to. modern tech levels. $\endgroup$
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Compress the gas and keep it cool, just like liquid natural gas is transported on Earth's oceans via an LNG carrier. The actual spaceflight and balloon-spaceship interface is dependent on your tech level and setting.

But considering the volume of gas in an atmosphere, adding a few thousand tons might not have such a big impact.


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