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40 votes

Hacking the universe

32 votes

In a society of flying beings, would the wheel ever be invented?

26 votes

Why would robots move us around if we don't want to go anywhere?

25 votes

How can the terrain of a large area change abruptly in a short period of time?

15 votes

What will our great-grandchildren play with?

13 votes

Could plants develop intelligence?

11 votes

Could a civilisation exist as 'space-nomads'?

10 votes

A species developing writing but not (yet) speech

7 votes

Must magic be tied to medieval tech?

6 votes

What's the worst natural disaster that could hit New York City in our lifetime?

3 votes

In what ways humans could adapt to communicate if there was no languages at all?

2 votes

How would a parasitic relationship develop between dominant species?

1 vote

Talking to Animals