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Teemu Leisti
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I have a MSc in CS and about three decades of experience as a software engineer. My career path has been meandering, so I've had the chance to work with a wide variety of tools and technologies. I'm currently working on automating the integration testing of a product project.

A non-exhaustive list of technologies I have familiarity with:

  • languages — C++, Java, Python, Ruby
  • scripting languages — Bash
  • web development — HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Bootstrap, Rails
  • databases — MySQL
  • IDEs — VS Code, Visual Studio, Qt Creator, Eclipse, Carbide.c++
  • testing tools — Squish, Robot Framework, CppUnit
  • version control and review — Git, BitBucket, Subversion, ClearCase
  • CI/CD — Jenkins
  • deployment — containers and Docker
  • operating systems — Linux
  • cloud — AWS
  • miscellaneous — Emacs, PyQt, RabbitMQ, JIRA, UML, SymbianOS
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