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How to minimise the size of temperate zones of an Earth like planet?
1 votes

One way to accomplish this is to change the planet's axial tilt. On Earth, the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer lie 23.5 degrees north and south from the Equator. 23.5 degrees is the axial tilt of ...

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Plausibility of purple oceans
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Scientists think that 3 and a half billion years ago on Earth that the oceans were once purple. As chlorophyll hadn't been developed yet ancient photosynthesisers used other chemicals that had a ...

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How many Ultra massive black holes should be added to a map of known black holes?
-1 votes

I'd say somewhere between three and fifteen. After all, I think there is that number within 1 billion lightyears of the Sun. Holmberg 15A and NGC 1281 are good examples. But since you're worldbuilding,...

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