I'm primarily a Web Developer with a good foundation within Front-End and some backend languages. I have my own special love for WordPress as one of the Content Management Systems I primarily use.

Though my expertise range from HTML5, CSS3 and JS, I see myself primarily as a front-end developer with a great great love for programming. I try to go all around but I primarily are learning C#, Python and Ruby (though limited).

Besides that, I also tend to go into discussions over Game Design over at http://gamedev.stackexchange.com

Mostly because I love games (and always have) - and because I experiment with game development in my spare time (primarily written in JS and C#) I try to make 3D models and art in order to get a more artistic and visual side of my games out across but sometimes I just do not succeed doing that and suck at it ;P

Besides that I work full-time for Saxo a e-shop in Denmark, specialized in books, and new mediums.

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