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Safety acronyms for space travel
6 votes

This checklist is real, we use it during preflight when we're evaluating ourselves for fitness to fly. If I can answer no to all of the following, then IMSAFE to fly. Illness - Am I affected by any ...

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Is it possible to detect a flying creature hiding inside a cloud with our current technology?
5 votes

My answer will focus only on your first question: Can clouds be used as hiding places? Yes, but not always, and not reliably, because... Clouds don't last forever. Cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) clouds ...

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Which common military equipment could last 500+ years after an apocalypse?
17 votes

what common modern military equipment can survive 500+ years of continual use without becoming permanently unusable? Books. It's been 500 years since the nuclear apocalypse. People spend their days ...

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What is the least "world changing" reason why the government would pay for you to keep a llama during your 44th year of life?
26 votes

Misdirection The government intends to secretly do any of the following: [Implement / revoke] civil liberties [Invade / protect] a neighboring nation Use national funds for [corrupt / unpopular but ...

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In a world where death isn't permanent, can being burned alive be made a less excruciating experience?
6 votes

How much time does Johnny have to prepare, and exactly how big of a budget does he have? If he has plenty of time and a big enough budget, he wouldn't need drugs at all. Instead, he merely needs to ...

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Where can I transform without being noticed?
8 votes

Underwater! There's a lot of water on Earth (326 million trillion gallons of it). There's enough that we can lose entire airplanes full of people in them for years! Just make your superhero live near ...

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