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141 votes

How do you assassinate someone who is protected by precognitive people?

84 votes

Would a 100% simulated war be a way to solve national conflict?

51 votes

How can I liquefy my enemies?

49 votes

Deep Space bomber - Best bomb against Interstellar warship that is kilometers long in size

49 votes

Unmarkable cards

48 votes

Perfect weapon for two-elbow creature

44 votes

The land grows evil and corrupted ... but why?

43 votes

How to realistically create a bow that's also two one-handed swords?

41 votes

Psychedelic Death Birds

38 votes

Sword with mercury core

37 votes

Super metal and the construction of knight armor

35 votes

What would be the ideal melee weapon for someone with superhuman strength?

34 votes

Million-year-old records

32 votes

What is the amputationility of a monomolecular wire weapon?

31 votes

Handling a sword blade (directly) to stab

30 votes

Encrypting maps

30 votes

Mosquito Assassin: What is the most deadly substance that can be injected into someone?

30 votes

Lightning Rifle

29 votes

How to build a fortress to survive against mythical creatures

27 votes

Castle Moat Full of Zombies

25 votes

The Benign Apocalypse

22 votes

How can a space station prevent docked ships from irradiating each other or the station?

21 votes

In a world without corpses, why build "burial halls"?

21 votes

Is the whip sword feasible?

21 votes

Anatomically Correct Unicorn

20 votes

What underwater creature would be well-suited as a pack animal?

18 votes

What would infrastructure look like on Interstellar's "Miller's Planet"?

17 votes

How can I indicate a third dimension on a map of outer space?

17 votes

Creating super soldiers by removing emotion (singular)

15 votes

What production of power would be most efficient in a zombie apocalypse?

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