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What teeniest lone change would have actualized transcontinental High Speed Rail in the USA?
8 votes

The Korean War is more intense With more resources needed for the war effort, the US government reinstates WW2-era rationing of automobiles, gasoline, and tires. The rise of car culture and ...

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If glass is broken by an explosion, what are the chances of death or severe permanent damage (such as blindness)?
7 votes

When I saw your question, I immediately thought of the Halifax explosion in 1917, caused by two ships colliding in harbor, with one of them carrying munitions for the ongoing war in Europe. Many ...

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I'm on the Titanic, what should I do to survive?
3 votes

Travel first-class (or if you're transporting directly onto the ship without a ticket, make every effort to look like a first-class passenger). This gives you a 62% chance of survival, compared to an ...

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Units of measurement, especially length, when body parts vary in size among races
2 votes

Why not use the size of the Earth itself? This is, after all, how real life got both the nautical mile (conceptually one minute of latitude, or 1/21 600 of the circumference) and the meter (1/40 000 ...

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