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I've been an Adelaidean 'writer'(not a 'real' job or hobby, supposedly), with Asperger's Syndrome, since around march 2005 in different capacities. At the risk of shameless self-promotion, I've written and published 3 non-fiction books 'Out of This World', 'The Om Contemplations', and 'The Prayer Preparer: Practical Prayers For Positive People' which are the result of hybrid-publishing I think it's called (as opposed to traditional publishing), and am compiling notes for a 4th, this time to help other writers benefit from my 'trial-and-error' hard-learned lessons about the supposedly'pseudo-legitimate' craft of both fiction and non-fiction writing, tentatively titled 'A Writer's Quick-Start Guide: Modern Know-How to Supercharge Your Creative Writing'. Watch this space...

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