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123 votes

My perfect evil overlord plan... or is it?

85 votes

Why do my monster minions all have obvious weak points that instantly kill them?

80 votes

What would be the benefits of cauldron usage for witchcraft?

76 votes

Why is this less profitable for an adventurer to craft and then sell an artefact, rather than to sell ingredients needed to craft the artefact?

75 votes

Managing heat dissipation in a magic wand

72 votes

How big can a town get before everyone stops knowing everyone else?

70 votes

The Emperor's New Palace

69 votes

Why combat machines in this world are colorful

68 votes

What's the angle of repose for dead zombie bodies?

64 votes

What kind of Alien artifacts or minerals could advance the human race?

60 votes

Is there any reason why The Chosen One should bother to do anything if their victory is prophesized?

58 votes

Humans meet a distant alien species. How do they standardize? - Units of Measure

57 votes

How can I make the rules of my Faerie Portal free from contradiction?

52 votes

Which modern firearm should a time traveler bring to be easily reproducible for a historic civilization?

50 votes

How long would a character stay unconscious when fainting after a combat?

50 votes

Why NOT use surveillance cameras in future world

49 votes

Logical in-universe reason for humans to continue using conventional firearms while other species use exotic weaponry?

46 votes

Could I build a stairway to Heaven?

44 votes

How to disguise insect meat?

42 votes

Why should humans kill this space creature?

41 votes

Why can't modern fighter aircraft shoot down second world war bombers?

41 votes

How do human police (non-lethally) apprehend far larger, more dangerous races?

40 votes

Can a NASER be used as a weapon?

38 votes

What would "medieval" weapons made by birds look like

38 votes

Are nuclear armed missiles effective weapons for spaceborne combat?

37 votes

Non-electrical technology that pre-modern people would see as magic?

37 votes

What would be the least physics breaking way to travel at light speed or faster?

36 votes

Could there be a "divorce duel" to death?

36 votes

Zero-gravity space bar fight?

36 votes

Dogfights in outer space

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