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96 votes

Everyday tasks on a space ship

66 votes

Why would "dead languages" be the only languages that spells could be written in?

64 votes

Lying is illegal. How to make joking not an offence?

62 votes

Why would an invisible personal shield be necessary?

60 votes

Why would a blood transfusion of midiclorians not make my force abilities stronger?

60 votes

How to make female breast armor viable?

54 votes

Why bother programming facial expressions for artificial intelligence if humans are bad at recognising them?

47 votes

Creating Fictional Slavic Place Names

41 votes

How can a new country break out from a developed country without war?

39 votes

Is it possible to perform surgery on your own spine?

38 votes

What could a Medieval society do with excess animal blood?

36 votes

Semi-accessible continent

34 votes

How do I scientifically explain a specific type of wood piercing through armor when not even bullets can?

34 votes

Would humanity go extinct if pleasure ceases?

31 votes

How can a kingdom keep the secret of a missing monarch from the public?

30 votes

How advanced would human civilization get if it was destroyed by insects every 20 years?

27 votes

The logistics of corpse disposal

25 votes

How do I keep my slimes from escaping their pens?

25 votes

How to keep the anonymity of people attending a regular event taking place at the same location everytime?

24 votes

Help, my Death Star suffers from Kessler syndrome!

21 votes

Earth under one roof: Feasible?

20 votes

2 weeks and a tight budget to prepare for Z-day. How long can I hunker down?

19 votes

Is a world with one country feeding everyone possible?

18 votes

Best Foods/Plants to Grow in Generational Spaceship?

17 votes

Why would a country persecute people with autism?

17 votes

Managing heat dissipation in a magic wand

17 votes

Blood-based alcohol for vampires?

17 votes

Summoning A Technology Based Demon

15 votes

What kind of animal could a centaur ride, and how?

14 votes

What energy sources would a species use if they didn't have access to fossil fuels?

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