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I'm an entirely self-taught programmer who started of writing VBA scripts to automate excel spreadsheets, moved on to simple web design, and now enjoys scripting games and tools using node.js and p5.js in my spare time. My work is mainly PHP and databases with some C++ when my schedule allows it.

Very confident with PHP, MariaDB, JavaScript, HTML, node.js, p5js.

Confident with MySQL, Python, C++, CSS, Lua, SQLite.

Mainly been focused on database management and backend PHP scripts for Peters Research Ltd. Also interfaced with and designed frontends for company websites. I have also built C++ applications to extend our core company products. I also manage all the "general IT" at the company including managing all our networks and servers.

I run the database and website for Lighthouse Central a charity that runs summer camps for kids. It has 4,000 volunteer and 6,000 child sign ups each year. I am responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the processes that control references, DBS applications, volunteer roles, and child space allocations.

I manage and develop several node.js applications that perform profile management, web interfacing and data collection.

I have also scripted several board games using Unity and Lua which have been played by several thousand people.

Finally I've co-developed an android app to perform real time tracking using the google-maps-api.

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