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66 votes

Unreliable Magic - Is it worth it?

52 votes

Is it physically possible for a planet to have seasons of different lengths?

28 votes

Would instantaneous teleportation encourage or discourage warfare?

28 votes

A magician can draw magical power from other planets in a star system, but not their own - why?

23 votes

Creating convincingly alien viewpoints

22 votes

What would a Martian calendar look like?

21 votes

How big would a "Ring World" have to be to orbit a black hole?

18 votes

What software is available for keeping and organising notes about your world?

16 votes

Less boring classifications of earth-like terrain when making maps

15 votes

How does a polytheistic cult compare to multiple coexisting monothestic cults?

14 votes

Is there any way to truly hide a spaceship?

9 votes

How to put self in the world while pleasing atheists?

7 votes

Do centaurs suckle from horse nipples or human nipples?

6 votes

In 'portal', pushing interconnected portals on thin portal sized rectangles of material through each other?

5 votes

Lying is illegal. How to make joking not an offence?

4 votes

Logically consistent time travel

3 votes

Breathe in space, with or without a suit?

2 votes

How to explain the co-existence of peace and violence in religion

2 votes

Alternative revealing charms

1 vote

What would stop a company able to sell lifespan expansions from ruling the world?

1 vote

What would be a seemingly fair, but still unfair way of dividing council seats?

0 votes

Why is super hero technology never used by civilians?