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80 votes

Is it harder for an intelligent octopus to live on land, or a human to live in space?

70 votes

How durable would a person need to be to survive impact at terminal velocity?

60 votes

How do I scientifically explain a specific type of wood piercing through armor when not even bullets can?

46 votes

Is it possible for a planet’s climate to block, or at least make wireless communication irrelevant?

40 votes

The Red-Headed Whale. Why Would the Head be Red?

33 votes

How to build a trap to last the ages?

30 votes

Why is long-term living in Almost-Earth causing severe health problems?

26 votes

Logical reason why my dystopian government exiles rebels instead of killing them?

23 votes

The magical map - how to stop it being too powerful

22 votes

Why do every future relativistic spaceships have an atomic clock?

21 votes

Is there any material today that could withstand the impact of a baseball at 0.05c?

20 votes

What Purpose Would a Unicorn's Horn Serve in the Wild?

18 votes

An Undercover Army

18 votes

On a tidally locked planet, would time be quantized?

14 votes

Reasons to not use the "Language of Magic" as a common language

13 votes

Could earthquake cancellation work?

12 votes

In a cemetery, what evidence could be found that humans were intelligent and had technology?

11 votes

Is there a way to keep science from ruining tribute magic?

10 votes

Justifying Affordable Bespoke Spaceships

10 votes

Biological duck tape - how does it grow and how did it evolve?

9 votes

Creating a new society by children

8 votes

How can two planets merge into another, bigger planet?

8 votes

Spells that would be effective against a modern day army but would NOT destroy a fantasy one

7 votes

Why would someone be cursed in order to be forced to hunt monsters?

6 votes

Multiple "keys," multiple "doors". Any "key" fits any "door" but a "key" can only be used once. How could such mechanic be described lore-wise?

6 votes

Great Old Ones Limited, or Why does Cthulhu need a Company?

6 votes

How to prevent superluminal traveling idiots from wrecking half of the universe?

5 votes

what is the maximum theoretical density for qubits?

5 votes

What could lead a very poor country to arise as an economic powerhouse?

5 votes

What kind of planet would be needed to create aliens which are significantly larger and stronger than humans?