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Hi! I'm a TPM (technical product manager) at Stack Overflow. I was previously the manager of SRE team. I've worked here since June 2013.

I've been a big fan of Stack Exchange since the start. Literally. I was listening to Joel and Mark's podcast when they were talking about this secret project idea they had. I was lucky enough to be invited into the secret beta.

What technology do I use? I like Go, Linux, Python, MacOS X and awk.

I used to know something about: Solaris, FreeBSD, Perl, Puppet and more.

System administrator, network engineer, time management guru, speaker, author of 6 books, and generally silly person. I wrote "Time Management for System Administrators" from O'Reilly. I co-wrote "The Practice of System and Network Administration" and "The Practice of Cloud System Administration".

I work at StackOverflow but I do not speak for them (except when I do).

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