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23 votes

How can I make raindrops bigger?

13 votes

By how much would I need to suddenly increase Earth's gravity to give an extinction-level event?

8 votes

A magic system at least partially based on the real-world cultural history of magic?

7 votes

How to colonize this planet?

6 votes

How can I get different colours of ocean?

5 votes

Are there physical laws making this kind of revival impossible?

4 votes

Hydrogen peroxide based life?

4 votes

How would a plant adapted to living at -23 degrees Celsius keep ice from clogging its stomata?

4 votes

Imposing scientifically derived requirements for holding public office

4 votes

Probing neurons to map someones brain

3 votes

Can a planet's axial tilt be changed by carefully planned and set high-energy explosions?

2 votes

Could black holes be a better source of energy than stars?

1 vote

What is the highest possible mountain on an Earth-like world?

1 vote

Possible uses for mental clone(s)

1 vote

Could a primitive sapient civilization survive on a planet being pulled along by a shkadov thruster?

1 vote

How to build a fail-safe system for an engine that can harness energy from a Black Hole?

0 votes

How to modify DNA without using computers?