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11 votes

What non-arachnid animal would be capable of spinning a web?

10 votes

In a culture that writes in circles, what would the medium for writing look like?

7 votes

Sure-fire way to identify an heir in a world without genetic testing

4 votes

What factors cause a society where people have no family name?

3 votes

How could a single individual warn the following civilization after the fall of our current one?

2 votes

What is an easy to access or make/extract poison

2 votes

Would a river running through a large salt deposit turn red?

2 votes

Coexistence of Species with Communication Forms that are not Mutually Comprehensible

2 votes

Does this order make sense: Prime chancellor, chancellor, senator?

1 vote

How would a society of immortals view a mortal?

1 vote

Do orc's tusks have a place in modern society?

0 votes

A biological process for storing and excreting a fluid at will