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186 votes

How would merfolk society dispose of their dead? And would disposing of the bodies in the ocean have any negative effect on marine life?

88 votes

Why is there only one wizard's guild?

71 votes

Why Laser "Guns"?

66 votes

How to defeat a pyrokinesis user using tech and science

52 votes

How would a real life force field work?

50 votes

They made first contact and sent us engine plans, but how can we possibly build it?

43 votes

Best way to smell-proof a revolver in 1998?

42 votes

What would a guerrilla band of authentic female medieval archers look like?

41 votes

How would an entity benefit from a contradictory origin story?

40 votes

Playing cards in zero-g

39 votes

Why would people in the 23rd century appreciate 20th century music and fashion?

37 votes

99.9% of the flight-capable birds died at once. How screwed is the rest of the world?

34 votes

Anatomically Correct Carnivorous Tree

34 votes

How can powerful telekinesis avoid violating Newton's 3rd Law?

32 votes

How could you create a 95% effective global emergency broadcasting system?

32 votes

Are there any heavier-than-air gases that could be made using medieval tech and have military applications?

29 votes

Is it possible for nature to create bubble wrap?

28 votes

How can a hive mind secretly monetize its special ability to make lots of money?

27 votes

Why would a civilization's biotechnology be far behind all its other technology?

24 votes

Dragons have a constraint on muscle mass that isn't dedicated to flight. What's the best natural physical weapon for them?

23 votes

How do guilds incentivize veteran adventurers to help out beginners?

23 votes

Flames with Unusual Colors

22 votes

How would an underground society measure time?

22 votes

I want to build a weapon targeting Interstellar distances. How viable are railguns?

21 votes

The Infinite Sea, how narrow can that be?

21 votes

What vehicle would be the best one to start a >1000 km travel in a post apocalyptic zombie situation?

20 votes

What would a giant corpse island actually be like?

19 votes

Why would the devil give someone immortality in exchange for them maintaining a diary?

19 votes

How to avoid cursing myself with my black magic?

18 votes

How would primitive peoples detect radiation?