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125 votes

Given immortality can animals become intelligent?

110 votes

Which professions warranted travel in Medieval times?

70 votes

Scientific/biological basis of someone with unlimited willpower?

67 votes

How can I ensure my Evil Tower is always stormy?

53 votes

Is it possible to bind multiple ships together on open water?

48 votes

Why build underwater outposts, rather than ocean-surface settlements?

46 votes

"Slow" teleportation

43 votes

Which modern firearm should a time traveler bring to be easily reproducible for a historic civilization?

39 votes

If all zombies followed the loudest sound around, could they all end up in the same place?

37 votes

How to not starve gigantic beasts

36 votes

Wizard clothing for warm weather

35 votes

Would glacier 'trees' be plausible?

32 votes

When will the last unambiguous evidence of mankind disappear?

31 votes

What phenomena can explain not detecting a planet while detecting a more distant planet?

30 votes

How to explain why humans weren’t encountered by alien species?

29 votes

Reality of glass (or some sort of transparent composite) windows on spaceships

29 votes

Could a cockatrice have parasitic embryos?

29 votes

Plausibility of an advanced civilization that never found fire?

28 votes

How could an animal "smell" carbon monoxide?

26 votes

Why would nature spirits be naked?

26 votes

How long could a Kraken's carcass survive if preserved in salt?

25 votes

Malign Science: Counter argument for KT boundary

24 votes

How can I have a permanent post-apocalyptic world?

24 votes

Zombie diet, why humans?

24 votes

How to prevent invisible people from committing crimes?

23 votes

How could a planet have most of its water in the atmosphere?

23 votes

What is the bio-mechanical plausibility of a fox with venomous fangs?

22 votes

Designing a creature with jaws to crush iron bones

22 votes

How to kill trees?

21 votes

Is it possible to have detachable natural armor?

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