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What kind of a unit/army would prefer fighting from a low ground position?
6 votes

What about an army that specialises in using lighter than air toxins? Or fire? Since these toxins would travel uphill easier than downhill, it would make sense for them to prefer fighting from low ...

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Landships on a Snowball Earth?
2 votes

Air lifting is very expensive when transporting resources across a planet. If you wan't any kind of serious trade between different locations on the planet, land travel is essential. In our world, ...

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Would a species that migrates across the globe discover its roundness sooner?
1 votes

They would very quickly discover that the world is round, they would have discovered this before they even had a written language. Off topic here, but what are the conditions on the night side for 4.5 ...

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How can an intelligent race on a methane world achieve basic space travel (e.g. satellites)?
0 votes

Titan's surface is primarily made of ice, which is just oxygen and hydrogen. They could extract liquid oxygen from the ice. Titan is a typical methane world, so ice should not be hard to come by. And ...

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