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  • Relatively new to programming, apathetic, extremely lazy, a pessimist and somewhat of a sociopath. I have a tendency to give people wrong impressions, ignore some grammar rules when i don't feel like following them, and am not serious in the slightest.

  • No redeeming features, no friendship-based relationships, no romantic interests, and no appreciation for life.
    Empathy and apathy make for a bad combination.

  • Not the kind of person you'd see on social media.


No notable achievements.


Video games anime, and mangas. Yes, one of THOSE people. Recently decided to go back to drawing and writing, although the decline in skill in both from years of neglect makes things somewhat challenging. Combined with my lazy characteristic, this has lead to some... predictable results.

-Little to no interest in most(if not all) subjects. My belief is that seeking knowledge is but a waste of time, as is human life in its essence, therefore, if i actually remember anything i learn, read or see, then that is nothing but a coincidence in and of itself.

-Spends most of my time loitering, staring blankly into space, or lost in a daydream, even while doing something that requires concentration.

To sum things up:

Basically an edgy teenager that hasn't gotten past his rebellious phase, and easily one of the worst people you'll encounter.

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