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28 votes

Uranium block house heating

22 votes

What is the best design for docking onto a rotating space-station?

12 votes

Freedom from the tyranny of gravity

7 votes

How might airships be made using 18th century technology?

4 votes

Is there any other material that can be used to make tires?

3 votes

What would be the advantage of evolving into tree-like people?

2 votes

Could you design a fighter plane for a centaur?

1 vote

How should we compensate for lack of traction for vehicles on the moon?

1 vote

What are the consequences of limitless energy but extremely low power?

1 vote

How to prevent rupturing internal organs while web slinging?

1 vote

How could someone ground a breathable synthetic atmosphere onto a small asteroid?

0 votes

The opposite to Worldbuilding: World Destruction

0 votes

What weapons would be most effective for a military in space?

0 votes

What sport would "work" if both players/teams are trying and lose?

0 votes

What are the advantages of four wings over two wings?

0 votes

Is there any scientific way a ship could fall off the edge of the world?

-1 votes

Developing a plausible monster in the Canadian wilderness