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33 votes

Humans as Pets?

26 votes

What cheap modern items can I use to bribe medieval people?

14 votes

What does it take for us all to just get along?

10 votes

Possible Long Term Effects of Frequent Teleportation

10 votes

How to best upgrade your Towel for military combat?

7 votes

A person from medieval times comes into our time. What would he notice first?

5 votes

How much damage would a cupful of neutron star matter do to the Earth?

4 votes

How would an interstellar spaceship's speedometer work if everything else is moving?

3 votes

A small group recreating modern technology

2 votes

Why would robots use verbal communication?

1 vote

How can I make my deteriorating world's society accept that only 1% (fairly chosen by the government) can have better living conditions?

1 vote

Repeatable, Unavoidable Cataclysmic Events

1 vote

What are the social implications of discovering a formula for immortality?

0 votes

Would it be possible for a civilization to create machines before wheels?

0 votes

How practical are vehicles modeled after arthropods or cephalopods?