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22 votes

Dangerous pending task in world managing A.I

17 votes

Why would witches not create magical familiars?

8 votes

How do I explain a unicorn discharging powerful electricity at a distance?

7 votes

Is it possible to encode a message in such a way that can only be read by someone or something capable of seeing into the very near future?

6 votes

How can I explain a world where everything is working together to kill the protagonist?

3 votes

Why would god conduct multiple raptures if he depends on human beings for worship?

3 votes

How to prove that the solar system isn't inside of a localized physics bubble?

2 votes

How would I go about permanently increasing a human's speed, strength, and stamina?

1 vote

How can Elsa's power fuel my Industrial Revolution?

1 vote

How do I explain that crystals/gems and precious metals are magical

1 vote

How could a lightning magic user fly?

1 vote

Comfortable way of entering and exiting Airships anywhere at will

0 votes

How can a sapient species build an advanced civilization, while remaining on one continent?

-1 votes

What's the ideal era for harvesting resources by an advanced society?