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116 votes

Enforcing a speed limit in medieval times

88 votes

What is a realistic time needed to get a properly trained army?

78 votes

Can a store that doesn't need to buy merchandise stay unnoticed?

70 votes

How would a lunar colony attack Earth?

67 votes

Modern military equipment in a fantasy world

66 votes

Why would the military use tanks in a zombie apocalypse?

55 votes

How can I make the food of my (fantastical) culture believable?

52 votes

Using fire as currency?

49 votes

How would one attack or lay siege to a flying castle?

47 votes

If dinosaurs had a civilization, how primitive must it have been to leave no trace in the present?

45 votes

Can a civilization be reduced to the Stone age by a conventional war?

41 votes

Can an individual be their own Sovereign Nation?

41 votes

Fantasy Military Arms and Armor: the Dwarven Grand Armory

41 votes

What would prevent growing minions as cannon fodder from being a viable alternative to hiring henchmen?

36 votes

Can the Aztec Empire learn and reuse Conquistador technology?

35 votes

Why would money or any other means of exchange need to exist if AI, robots, automation and nanotechnology produce all goods and services?

34 votes

How can I encourage responsible business practices among necromancers?

33 votes

How would medieval-era warfare adapt if all access to wood was suddenly cut off?

32 votes

How could a pre-gunpowder army challenge the enemy's air superiority?

32 votes

How does a ship scout out how to navigate in a new star system?

29 votes

In a post-apocalypse world, with no power and few survivors, would Satnav still work?

28 votes

Is there any reason a society might use electric boilers and steam engines in their trains rather than electric motors?

27 votes

Antiballast for flying ship

27 votes

What is the safest and most extravagant place for an interstellar emperor to make his palace?

26 votes

Which US Government Agency would handle the coverup of a new mineral found on a different planet?

26 votes

Can you catch a spaceship with a train on the Moon?

25 votes

How can a modern medic help medieval patients

25 votes

WW2 Era Soviet Rifle Squad, Time Travels to 1066 England, attempts to take over

24 votes

Can CRISPR technology be used to create ‘super soldiers’?

23 votes

Allow interstellar travel but not intergalactic travel

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