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182 votes

Why are escape pods used instead of transporters whenever an alarm sounds to abandon the ship?

169 votes

How to build a trap to last the ages?

108 votes

How would you bring wealth back to the past?

104 votes

How can a person be kept alive while being periodically drained of blood?

86 votes

Aftermath of a Midas-weapon war - what to do with all that gold?

85 votes

Best species to breed to intelligence

77 votes

Practical reasons to have both a large police force and bounty hunting network?

62 votes

How does an all-female medieval country maintain itself?

61 votes

Plausible reason why my time machine can only go back a certain amount of time?

59 votes

Seven Deadly Sins As Virtues?

58 votes

Efficient way to transport a Stargate

57 votes

Werewolves have the same fur color as their human form's hair color. What gave humans the idea that they're all gray?

54 votes

How can a dictatorship government be beneficial to a dictator in a post-scarcity society?

54 votes

Is It Possible to Make a Computer Virus That Acts as an Anti-virus?

49 votes

Why would magic users not try to take over kingdoms?

49 votes

How can a hive mind secretly monetize its special ability to make lots of money?

47 votes

Rite of Winter: How to Stop Crescian Couples from Mutual Assassination

46 votes

I'm on the Titanic, what should I do to survive?

44 votes

What would sway all humans to stop having kids cheerfully, painlessly, voluntarily?

43 votes

Can a generation ship withstand its own oxygen and daily wear for many thousands of years?

42 votes

Personal Teleportation: From Rags to Riches

39 votes

Would this system work to purify water?

39 votes

What's the ideal era for harvesting resources by an advanced society?

39 votes

Allowing "drop of the hat" spacewalks?

35 votes

Why Would Adventurers and Mages Wear Impractical Clothing?

34 votes

How would criminals be punished in a world where everyone can teleport?

34 votes

Why couldn't/wouldn't people use someone else's summoned familiar, ordered to obey them, rather than their own?

33 votes

How could simple but cheap robots be used in combat?

33 votes

How discreetly can a small spacecraft crash land?

31 votes

How to prevent powered armor from letting people carry bigger guns?

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