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225 votes

Can a substance be more lethal in smaller doses?

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How to have good public opinion of police in a dystopian dictatorship with low or no crime?

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How would tiny dragons strike TERROR?

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A two-thresholds poison: how does it work?

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What could be a valid reason for an entire section of a continent to remain unexplored and undiscovered, by the rest of the world in medieval times?

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How could a state without a military defense exist?

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How to keep a military technology secret while using it?

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What could justify a save point before a boss fight in RPG?

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Can a person lie if his eyes tell his emotions?

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How does vampire-dad keep the masquerade to his daughter

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Why would an AI overlord want to give their robot citizens emotion?

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How would it make sense that spellbooks or grimoires teach only one spell?

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What are most likely to be the first space weapons?

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Would a castle built at the top of a mesa have unusual weaknesses?

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A sufficient justification for the infantry using lethal, directed energy weapons

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What would lead an entire country to systematically ignore home invasion, theft and vandalism from 1 particular person?

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Removing racism on a multi raced world

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How could an apocalypse kill off all adults -- leaving only those under the age of 18?

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Drive to develop flying machines

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How to explain why humans weren’t encountered by alien species?

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How to poison a creature that measures more than a dozen meters?

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Use of a portal as a weapon

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What cultural elements do ethnic minorities have in common?

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Why would female superheroes wear tight, revealing costumes?

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Logical reasons for Forgoing a Dyson Swarm

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Building a city on top of, alongside and inside a coastal cliff

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Why would any interstellar starship still bother with streamline body design?

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How could a volcanic island last for 100 million years?

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Are starfighters a realistic evolution of space naval warfare?

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Why would society not cremate its dead in a world where necromancy is possible?